Hiking and Trails

Rezzo offers countless paths to fully immerse yourself in nature and stroll peacefully among the trees of the wonderful forest.

Paths of all kinds: walking, hiking, climbing and mountain biking

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There are numerous mainly religious monuments that are present in the green Giara Valley. A place where nature and man come together to create a unique territory.

Here is a list divided between the three villages of all the places of interest that you cannot miss.

The "Giara" river, its bridges and its lakes

After a nice walk, why not relax and take a swim in the numerous lakes formed by the Rezzo river: the "Giara".

You can rest in close contact with the landscape and admire the beauty of the bridges that cross the banks of the river.

The oldest bridges date back to the Romanesque age and were used by the population to reach chestnut groves, sawmills and mills.

Sport and free time

If you are a sports lover you are in the right place. Rezzo offers fun activities that will keep you fit at the same time.

An example are the E-Bikes, electric bicycles with which you can, accompanied by a local guide, cross the forest far and wide and discover all its secrets. (RezzoOutdoor)

For hunting and fishing enthusiasts we offer you the regulations that you must respect if you come to the Municipality of Rezzo.


The whole territory of the Giara valley is an open-air museum where you can breathe in history and art.